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There are a lot of websites that allow their users to send free sms Free Sms all across the World with just a Click...
You can actually choose from Different Platform of FREE SMS WEBSITEs.
I will be listing them with their Name, Features and other information about them.

1. MJOY: This is the Best Free SMS website so far, you have no sms limit or text limit, meaning you can send many sms and no writing limits everyday. You can Only send SMS when browsing through your Phone. You can get ACTIVITY POINT to send more free SMS by participating in the SURVEY and Clicking on ADVERTISEMENTs.
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2. 1VILLE: This Free SMS website is also Alright, you can only send 4 Sms per day and the word must not be more than 101. You can send text from your Phone and from your Computer.
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3. WADJA: This is also a Free SMS Website, you are restricted to ony 3 SMS per day and 100 words, you cannot exceed that...You can send free text from both your Phone and Computer.
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4. GET2SMS: This Free Sms Website is New and Hot, You have the priviledge of sending 30 Free Sms daily.. it delivers your Message quickly and its reliable.
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