Duck hunt

This tutorial is exclusively for Symbian users.

Now you can as well resume a download even after exiting your opera or switching off your phone.....follow this steps...
When you switch off your phone while downloading with opera, the file you 're downloading will not be deleted
1.move the file to another folder different from the one opera is downloading into.
2.Open your opera and start a fresh download of that file you were downloading before. initiate a download failure of that can do this by abruptly ending the gprs connection in your connection manager or pressing and holding the call end key(symbian only)
3.Now move that file you moved before to the same folder where opera should download that same file.overwrite if asked.
4.Restart your failed download following my previous method of resuming failed downloads....opera will read the file you moved instead of the one that failed before..... But mind you,the file names must be the same.