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New Symbian hack with Trend Micro Mobile Security Antivirus by bebooo43

First, download these apps, you can get it from our symbian apps section

1. Antivirus
2. Quarantine
3. Rompatcher lite

1. Unpack Quarantine archive to C drive using X-Plore or any other file explorer. You should get a path like C:\tmquarantine\
2. Install Anti-Virus
3. Launch Anti-Virus
4. Go to Options - Quarantine list
5. Do Options - Restore at all files
6. Close Anti-Virus and delete it.
7. Install RomPatcher+
8. Launch RomPatcher+ and apply patches:
- Open4all for access to all folders
- Installserver for installing any unsigned apps (if red cross go here). If need do Options - Add to auto at patches you need to autostart on phone boot.

That's it, your phone is now hacked!

If you don't understand any part of this tutorial or you want to edit the tutorial, please message the Admin on facebook.

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