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First, you have to download Opera Mini Handler version for Android.

To them who doesn’t know how to use it, here is some explaination on how it works.

First of all, your Android device should be root-ed. Why must it be root-ed? it is because we need to install DroidWall to control the Internet Traffic.
Now, after your device is root-ed, download and install the Droid Wall, you can find it in the Android Market.
Now, download and install Opera Mini Handler that you can find in my site. After you install it, run Droidwall, and in the main window, find and check list the “OpminHUI", press Menu button on your droid and Click the Apply rules button, press Menu button Again, and make sure Firewall Enabled button is Green. Then make sure that the Packet Data is On (in GingerBread go to Settings->Wireless and Network->Mobile Networks->Use Packet Data), you must see the Signal at the top screen, beside the Battery Indicator. If not, thanu need to check your Network settings. Now run your Opera Mini Handler, and put your settings in Handler Menu. It should be working fine. At least i tested it in my GingerBread. Alternatively if you don’t have your device root-ed, you must close other applications that use network, and disable the Sync (goes to Settings->Accounts and Sync, uncheck the Background data and Auto-Sync). Thats all. Enjoy ur free browsing.