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This is an Easy Hack on how to send Free Text on Mjoy to your Love Ones without them knowing that you send the text free... This take my time a bit, But thank GOD. Pls follow the below Steps:
Before you enter Mjoy website, First of All type your text in your Message (as if you want to send it with money). After you finish typing, then copy it, The text should not be more than 160 Characters or less than, count your text 1 by 1 when typing (count the space between the words and even symbols used e.g ,.?! etc), Then enter Mjoy website and paste the text you copied into the Message box and send to any number of your choice...The text will never show Mjoy link, It will be as if you paid for the text.... Enjoy it and show Testimonies...
For Nokia Java Phones: The text allow when typing an Sms is 5000, stop typing when the text reach 4840, then copy it and paste on Mjoy.
==> To copy text in Symbian phone like Nokia N70,6600 etc, Just Hold down the Pencil Key, then press Copy, When you get to Where you are gonna Paste it, Hold down the Pencil key again and press Paste.
==> To copy text in Java Phone likeNokia 5130,6300 etc After writing what you want, press Option > MarkAll > Copy....When you get to whereyou want to Paste it, click on Options > Paste....goodluck!