The First Question that will Come tothe Mind of Anybody is: Why Should or Must i Hack my Phone?
U need to Hack your Phone so that you can Install Unsigned Application and also Avoid Certificate Error while Installing Some Application.
==> As a Symbian User, You should have come Across this Many Times.
One of the simplest way to install any unsigned apps and thus Avoid Certificate Error is to install Hello OX .
Download Hello OX @ ------------
Sign it like Other Applications and Dont Forget to have got your Key & Cert, Its just Once in a Life time. Now install and Run the Signed Hello Ox on your mobile This will automatically install RomPatcher and Modo (this is optional). After the installation finishes, open RomPatcher and apply patch on Installserver_FP2 and open4all. That's all.
You can now install any Unsigned Apps without certificate problem. But remember that when you swich off and then open phone, every time you have to open RomPatcher and apply patch on both of them

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