NOTE: KeyGen is a PC File, It only Open on your Computer & Not on your Phone.
This Tutorial is very Vital because One Way or the Other You will need it, e.g Maybe you have any Application on your Phone that is Requesting for Unlock Code or key,You will have to get the Key to make that App continue working. Symbian Users should have Understand what am talking about because they must have had an Xperience of it either through Smartmovie, Xplore, Hand Zip, etc.
You can only Generate Key For any Appliaction through the Use of Keygen , This Keygen come with Some Application if you download them Online.
NOTE: Keygen is know as KEY GENERATOR, & Every Software has there own Keygen. I will not Post any Link of Keygen here but i will teach you on how to get Keygen for any App.
1. Visit Google and Search for the Keygen by Typing the Name of the App, Version, Follow by Keygen.
e.g Smartmovie 3.2 Keygen
2. Select the Best Result that Describe what you want & Download the Keygen to your PC.
3. Open the Keygen and Enter your Phone IMEI / Serial and Generate.
4. Write Down the Code generated and Open the Application that need the Code on your Phone & Enter the Code, then Press OK...
Am Sure You will get a Successful Response

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