Using ur opera mini, you can download jar files directly to your phone memory.

But first, u need to have a file manager such as BlueFTP, X-plore (for symbian users) or any other file manager.

Opera 4.2 or 4.3
When you reach the download page, you wil see 'Open'. Now, i want you to view d download link of d jar file. How?
Go to Bookmarks, den Add bookmark. You wil see d link of d file or
Press # 1 on your keyboard, den edit the link.

Next is editing the download link.
In the download link, you will see .jar just add .zip immediately after it.

For example, if the download link is king4ng.wapgem.com/apps/?operahui202.jar
it will then become king4ng.wapgem.com/apps/?operahui202.jar.zip
Thats all, click on d link and start downloading.

If it doesn't work:
Try cleaning and replacing .jar with .zip

For example, if the download link is king4ng.wapgem.com/apps/?operahui150.jar
it will then become king4ng.wapgem.com/apps/?operahui150.zip

After succesful download, use your file manager to rename the file name and erase any dot in the filename to just operahui202jar or any name.

Now, exit the file manager, go to the file in your phone, rename to operahui202.jar

Goodluck, I hope it works for you.

Note: If you're not clear about this tutorial, please contact me.