Let's call the process a Fork Bomb.

A Fork Bomb creates a large number of processes very quickly and break the limitation of processes that can run on a PC.
It's very simple: A program just replicates itself, which again replicates itself and so on until all resources are exhausted on your computer
If this Virus is on your PC, and you put it ON, it automatically create two instances and multiply over and over again until your PC Crash. So this is a very nice way to do some funny stuffs but i guess you dont use it for the Wrong Purpose!
Its Just too easy to create, just follow the below steps.
1. Open Notepad on your PC and write the Code below into it.
2. Then save it with a .bat extension! When saving delete the .txt and input the File name and the .bat extension e.g fork.bat
3. Once anyone will do double click on this bat file, his system will Jamm and Crash.
• Now you can send it to your Victim through Mail or from your Flash Drive to his PC and then once he hits the File, Forget it.
• This Tutorial is for Educational Use only, pls dnt use it for wickedness!!! SOLUTION

• If you are already a victim of this Virus, Once you ON your PC, quickly Press ctrl + alt + delete key on your keyboard then Start the Task Manager , Now click on the Processes Tab and locate Fork.bat or anyname you used, then put you mouse on it and click on the End Process Button , thats all.

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