Duck hunt

The trick is that you need to download and install the Facebook app. Here's an iTunes App Store link: Facebook App .Install it and have it configured so you jump straight into your account? Great.Now, tap on "News Feed" and you'll see what's up with your friends. More importantly, you'll also see a "Photo" button on the top left. Tap on it:
To take a picture, simply tap on"Take Photo or Video". If you already have a photo you want toupload to Facebook, tap instead on"Choose From Library". We'll do the former, though, since my cat issitting, looking at me with a weird expression! A tap on the camera button within the Camera app and the image is handed back to the Facebook app, which shows the following:
See, I told you he had a funny expression! I'll use this image by tapping on "Use" button. The information along the bottom changes to:
It's a bit confusing, but to write a caption, tap on "Write a caption..." (why doesn't it look like a button?)before you "Upload" it and the usual keyboard display appears:
You can see that I'm putting wordsin my cat's head. Well, sorta, kinda.When I'm done writing my caption,I tap on "Done" and the caption (oras much of it as can be displayed) shows up along the bottom.
A tap on "Upload" and it speedily feeds the image up to the Facebook server:

Moments later, the image, with caption, shows up in Facebook: facebook-iphone-upload-picture-photo-7
Nice and easy, way better than hassling with photo email services, eh?