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How to configure 2go for nokia Java, s40 and classic phones: I\'m using nokia 3110classic fone & MTN line for dis steps. But dis step applies to most other java, s40 and classic phones. Step 1: Phone Configuration. Go to our provisional files section & download any of the following, depending on your network. MTN-Kingx-2go, for MTN Eti-Kingx-2go, for Etisalat Air-Kingx-2go, for Airtel MTN-Kingx-2go, for Glo Send to a symbian nokia phone, china phone, samsung, sony ericcson, sagiem or even ur computer. Then send the file to your nokia java phone. Note: the file MUST be sent thru infra red or bluetooth to your phone ! In ur fone, go to Menu>Settings>Configuration. Select the file you downloaded, (MTN-Kingx-2go, in dis case), as ur default settings. Make sure you \"Activate default in all applications\" and press OK. Den exit. Step 2: Downloading 2go You must have at least N20 on ur fone. Press the red button on ur fone to go 2d standby screen (normal phone screen). Then, Press and hold the number 0 on ur fone. Then folow d instructions & give d necesary info. Make sure u take note of ur 2go password, bcuz u wil nid it in future ! Step 3: Configuring the application. Go 2 the 2go application and enta. Wen asked \"allow bla bla bla ...\", jst press yes. Thats all. Hope dis info. helps!